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Practical information/Our commitment "Qualité Tourisme"

Our commitment "Qualité Tourisme"

A commitment to a Brand

By joining Qualité Tourisme, we commit ourselves to apply everything possible to satisfy our clients:

Information and communication : this is about giving our clients clear, precise and complete information through the phone as at the front desk of the Tourist Office Varennes-Forterre (markings, signs, etc.).

Customized reception: kindness, politeness, warmth and smile, availability, attention… are the watchwords of our trip advisors.

Skillful staff: client taken fully and quickly into consideration, advice, search for the relevant information, practice of the foreign languages.

Comfortable place: upkeep and cleanliness, plants and green ways, reception and relaxation areas, comfortable furniture.

Cleanliness and upkeep of the premises: hygiene, good state of the various equipments (toilets, furniture, kitchens, etc).

Enhancement of the local resources: local products made available with the shop, information to the clients about the touristic attractions of the territory.

So you will find at the Tourist Office Varennes-Forterre…

Cards sale, ticket office…
In order to help you organize your vacations at best, the tourist office offers you a ticket office for shows and theme parks, trail cards, and a shop of hand-made and gourmet products typical of the territory and Allier.

Guides and pamphlets
On our displays, you will find documentation about tours, museums, activities and events offered in Allier.

Trip advice
On request to our trip advisors, you will get the information concerning the accommodations, restaurants along with maps and any other information useful to your stay.

Culture and recreation
Year-round, the office offers many themed exhibits (paintings, photographs, sculptures, etc), workshops and events to promote the local arts and crafts.

For travelers
To ease your trips and stay in touch with your close relations, a wifi hotspot is available for you in our office.