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The hiking trails

At the heart of the Allier, the territory of “Varennes-Forterre” tempts you to discovery, change of scenery, relaxation and the awakening of your senses.
Roaming over the few kilometres of marked paths divided up in 14 hiking trails is probably one of the best ways to discover the quality of the historical, cultural and natural heritage of our region.

Whether as a family, alone or with friends, come and crack the secrets of our territory during your next strolls. Our paths are available year-round, though at some periods (strong rain, winter, etc.), some pathways can be tricky.

The horse-riding trails

In October 2010, the Federation of Municipalities Varennes-Forterre launched the first horse riders on its horse-riding trails.

Six horse-riding marked paths cover the municipalities of the Varennes-Forterre territory (on an average distance of 12.42 miles). Like the hiking trails, they are available at the Tourist Office in the form of cards at the cost of 3 € a pouch.

The six starting points are distributed on the territory of Varennes-Forterre – placed on the panels of the starting points of the hiking trails: 
        -  Circuit n°1 – Départ de Montoldre,
        -  Circuit n°3 – Départ de Rongères
        -  Circuit n°4 – Départ de Montaigu-le-Blin,
        -  Circuit n°5 – Départ de Trézelles ou Cindré
        -  Circuit n°6 – Départ de St Gérand de Vaux,
        -  Circuit n°7 – Départ de Sanssat ou Langy